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Griffon of the Year


           Several of our dogs have been Top Dogs in Sweden

INT Ch, NZ Ch, SW Ch SW-93, SW-94, SW-95 Moerangi Delusion imp New Zealand
was Top Griffon Bruxellois 1992 - 1995
Ch Shenden Viceroy imp England Top Griffon Bruxellois 1996
SW-01 Ch Vendettas Andy Pandy Top Petit Brabancon 2001 - 2002
NORDW-03, SW-04,SW Ch ,GB Ch Donzeata Royal Heritage imp England Top Griffon 2003-2005
Ch Vendettas Stjärngossen Top Griffon Bruxellois 2003
Ch Vendettas Bugle Boy Top Griffon Brabancon 2006

Shenden Viceroy
Vendettas Andy Pandy
Vendettas Andy Pandy


Donzeata Royal Heritage
Donzeata Royal Heritage


Vendettas Stjärngossen
Vendettas Stjärngossen
Vendettas Bugle Boy
Vendettas Bugle Boy


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